Tuesday, May 29, 2007

1+1=2, what?! I'm studying!

So what if I lack updates?!


LOL!!! Just kidding! Well I'm sorry for the lack of updates!
I'm currently busy because holiday's over and I'm back at college. I'm getting used to the time-table and everything. It's only my second week back at college.

And, I've been tagged by BabyFiona to list out around 5 of my fans, but I don't think I have any. Anyone wants to volunteer? I'm not going to tag anyone though, just want to get it done. lol~

Ah well, I'll dig and dig for good stuff to blog about soon.
Right about now, I have a few plans for me. 2 trips - Redang Island & Cameron Highland. I'll get my camera before that, because it's stupid to not have a camera at such beautiful places!

Alright now, I have to get back to my homework. Tata!


Wennnn said...

Woooo la la got horniday kambin up ah?? Yes yes take loads of pictures ya!!!

Rabbit said...

I thought I volunteered already?

Wui lu back at college meh? Tarak nampak lu pun!

babyfiona said...

huh! what happen to ur page? changing template kah??

aiyoyo why no fansee? u lazy say lar u lazy LOL!

Aaron Chua said...

Horny day?! LOL~ I'll take many photos so long I have a camera!

Yeah so far only 2 fans! Haih~ How to do?
I also tarak nampak lu wei~ My schedule damn short geh. Short sem.

Aiseh!~ I'm not lazy, but memang is tarak fans! See, now got 2 only!
And no I'm not changing template. You refresh and see!

CRIZ LAI said...

Hey Aaron...next time put lar yr comment in my post than in the shout out. I do not fully understand you...haha

Aaron Chua said...

Criz, what do you mean you don't fully understand me? lol~
I'm not that complicated lah~ XD

SuwaN said...

haha, study college? gambateh!

conan_cat said...

ooo college reopen! sounds like many ppl oso college reopen haha...

redang is a great place!! went there and came back, very very very happy :D faster go and have fun!

newayz, nice to meet ya hehe

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Waaaaa so cute!!! Blek! Ur doggie?? Awwwww cute cute cute!

Aaron Chua said...

Uh huh~ College. Thanks yea!

Yeah? I thought many people tengah holiday? lol~
Yeah I can totally feel it! And yeah, nice to meet you too.

Not exactly, belongs to my grandmother, and she lives just next door. LOL~

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