Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A crappy incident which led to a rotten week~

Right about now, I feel like killing myself.
Right about now, I'm stuck at home.
Right about now.... All these nonsense, they can only mean that I'm bored, nowhere to go.

I'm toast~
Nowhere to go? No that's not it. Fact is, I have plenty of places to go.
I have always been the driver at home.
I have to bring my sister to check her college out on this Friday.
Heck, why is this all happening over and over again?!

Around Chinese New Year, I crashed my car.
Got it fixed and settled.
I thought to myself:"Finally, everything's done and I've nothing more to worry about."

Good times don't last long it seems.
Some nutcase crashed into my car around yesterday in the afternoon (Not again?!).
And guess what. I was on my way to the nearest car-workshop, to find out what's with the loud noise coming from my car and freak! I get a louder bang before anything else!
With my previous car-crashing experience, I learned not to fear, and since it was his fault for making a U-turn without looking first, I talked to him, flamed him a little and called my grandpa, which was waiting for me at the workshop to pick me up and go home. We normally leave our car at the workshop and let the boss check the car out himself, because he's a friend of my grandpa.

Right. My grandpa came and decided that we should just go get our own car repaired and that's settled. And apparently, that nutcase was a mellow, middle-aged Malay guy, and he was kind of easy to deal with. Both sides refused to let the law decide (which is very very troublesome) and we only deal with our own car, while he pay up for his own car's damage.

RM500 out of my pocket, for nothing!
What's wrong with my luck these days?
Worse still, I have no ride to travel with.
Talk about a rotten week.


AceOne118 said...

Bad luck huh? Come..come..i take you go bath flawer! (mandi bunga).hehehe

Aaron Chua said...

What is bath flower? lol~

Mischique said...

OOh...alot of people are having bad luck this week. I believe it's pomelo leaves one should bathe with to shed the bad luck away..LOL

5xmom.com said...

Eh, some care hor, memang suey wan. Last time we had one car, keep kena accident for nothing. The windscreen kena batu. In the end, we got rid of it and touch wood, no more. Yayaya, go beat tiger. LOL.

Aaron Chua said...

Mischique: Pomelo leaves I know, but maybe AceOne had something else on mind? lol~

5Xmom: Yeah? I'm beginning to think so too. But I have to wait until both my parents return home before I can do anything. Sigh~

*~AnnA~* said...

erkzz.. but he knocked u & he U-turn without looking.. so unfair..

Aaron Chua said...

You see, we could have settled it by reporting.
But I had a crash just about a month ago, and my grandpa feared that it might somehow affect the result of their.. Whatever lah~
Heck, this is bad~

Wennnn said...

Wei yau mo kau chor ah? Tat fler bang U, U hv to dig out money to pay urself to fix the car?? It's his fault ma.. so by all means make him pay for it la.. If not let's get together gather go polis station... If it's me.. I am sure I get my camera phone out and snap his picture and then lor ask him to pay la..

Aaron Chua said...

lol~ It's not that simple.
Like said, I had a crash once around CNY and it might affect the results of whatever they look at to judge people.

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