Friday, April 13, 2007

Do you have a theme?~

Someone asked me this question and got me thinking.
"What do you blog about?"
Strange, I never thought about that question before. He was the first to ask me something of that sort and I was like, of all questions?

"More or less about personal stuff, and a lil' bit on other craps, reviews and what not", I replied, after thinking quietly for more than half a minute.

He must have been trying to provoke me, because he said next,"What took you so long to give me that kind of lousy answer?"

"Lousy answer? Just what sort of answer were you expecting?"
I was annoyed, but nowhere near exploding, yet.

He then acted as if he knows a hell lot of things and said,"Bloggers normally have a theme which they stick to. It serves as a guide."

"Everyone's got a style of their own and you said yourself, a theme serves as a guide. Why need a guideline when I'm writing on Personal?" I responded, with an apparent-disagreeing tone.

Freaking guess what's next! "You cannot be a blogger if you don't know the rules of a blogger."

"Fuck! What, you think this is some game? The rules of a blogger? The only rule to a blogger is the Law of Defamation and Plagiarism. You want to talk blog? Go start one of yours and then we'll talk." I left the scene after blasting.

It would have led to a better ending for the conversation if he hadn't say what he said.
But seriously, he got me thinking. To fix a theme or not?
My father once suggested something like, going around the world, taking photographs of a certain something (for example: waterfalls, cities, et cetera).
Gee, if so, blogging is just another expensive hobby. Yeah and the topics become more focused onto a certain group of people, which is narrower.
No I don't want that.

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Aaron Chua said...

To all who commented in here, I apologize for I have reverted the HTML to remove all the Haloscan widgets.
All comments left on the 13th of April disappeared along with the Haloscan and I cannot move the comments back in.
At any rate, please tell me if there's a way to get back those comments.
Sorry and thanks~

AceOne118 said...

Aiks!! You took out Haloscan? kekeke!

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah because of what you said. lol~

Rycerain said...

hand itchy sumo lar~

Aaron Chua said...

I wanted to go for something that looks better~
But as AceOne said, they only support up to 100 free comments. So, what the heck. lol~ Fast fast change back lah~

Wennnn said...

HAhahahaha I also did it before after tat my sifu told me the same things so I hv to revert back using the dear ole comment box... heheheheheh

Aaron Chua said...

Craps~ lol!
Wasted my time for nothing. =,=

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