Sunday, April 22, 2007

What's your sport?

A rather fine weekend, as in.. Well, okay this is a crappy opening.
Let's just get over with it and head to main point now.

You see, I have this basketball session with my gang of old friends at Bandar Botanic, Klang on every Saturday evening around 8 o' clock to half past 10, sometimes even 11.

Everyone knows what basketball is, I think.
Well at least most Malaysians do.

Why am I even talking about this?

Frankly, I've been playing basketball ever since I learned of the sport.
But of course, playing and having it mastered are not exactly the same thing.
My first time dealing with a basketball was err, I think at age 9 or 10. But during that time, I hardly had the strength to launch a tri-point shot. It was just simple take-the-ball-and-throw game.
However, I started knowing more and by age 12, I know how to play defensively. And really, I did nothing else, only guarding. Stupid me.
Basketball has always been something fun, and yet, I never really put any effort in the learning process. I end up being a sucky player, with no skills, unable to dribble, to shoot precisely.
It's like, having control, manipulating the ball and err, heck, whatever. It's always been, as if the ball's pushing me forward instead of me heading in my own direction.

Until recent years, I started knowing more and until now, I'm still learning.
I still suck big time when it comes to dribbling. But at least now I can shoot much better than previous sessions.

Talk about luck.

It's been 7 years now, since I really started playing basketball (at age 13, when I first learned about shooting).
I had always been a liability to my teammates, hence I never had the qualification of joining basketball matches.

But hey, after all these years, I finally see some improvement, which I think is very rewarding.
Still, how crappy it is for me to only realize this at age 20. Even kids at age 15 can play much better than me, I think.

Anyway, so long I do my best, I feel good.
Win or lose, it doesn't matter anymore.
I enjoy the fun of it more than the result of the game.
It may seem ridiculous to some, but that's my way of thinking, my perspective.

Sports for live!


AceOne118 said...

Now at the age of 20 ..you should start a different ball games ledi! Get what i mean? hehehe

bubbly soda said...

eh.. you do know that enjoying doesn't really have to be excelling right? enjoy it! who cares if you're good or not. when someone say you sux pull a monkey face at them.

Aaron Chua said...

AceOne: Eh I very innocent one! What did you mean? LOL~

Bubbly soda: But I want to be at my best state if possible. Hehe~ And I believe in practice makes perfect.

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