Monday, April 23, 2007


Have you people ever get pressured by anyone else about finding a partner? Not just any partner, but you know, that partner. In my case, a girlfriend.

Alright, it's strange to be posting about this, but I'm just wondering if anyone out there is currently facing what I'm at now.

You're probably guessing now, I mean, who could possibly give me that kind of pressure?
Apparently, I'm getting it from quite a few people. And you should all know how some people like to compare one with another.

Whenever one asks me: "Oi! How's life? Got girlfriend already?"
I will go like: "Why is everyone asking the same damn question?"
Or sometimes like this: "No lah~ I'm Mr. Lonely."
At times, even this: "Don't have lah~ My kind of guy, got girl will like ar?"

And since my answer is almost always more to the negative side, people will give all kinds of supportive comments like: "Have more confidence in yourself!" and the likes.
Some might even come up with suggestions and ideas like: "Change your environment and make a greater circle of friends!"

Photograph taken at Station One, Bukit Tinggi with a bunch of friends.

Yeah right. Open up, meet new people and talk like you're performing on stage.
Talk like you're performing on stage? How?
Make every conversation entertaining, as if you're living a performance, show your talents.
Great. To impress everyone everytime I speak, is not easy. No wait, it's more than difficult. Can anyone teach me? (lol~)

Well I still think that, my time will come and I shouldn't be worrying about this yet.
So that's that. End of story.


bubbly soda said...

I know what I say will be like "i heard those before" but to me... finding that partner isn't about changing who you are. its not like you're a conman, rapist or drug addict isn't it? be yourself. at least you'll know that your partner love you for who you are. all the best k!

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah, love me for who I am~
You're cool! And hot!

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Lolz, good luck in finding ur Ms. Right ^^v there's no need 2 rush... when da time has come, u'll alwayz get watchu really want... peace

Aaron Chua said...

Wah~ Peace v(^^)v
Yeah no rush~
I was just wondering why I'm the one having this weird thing happening on me.

Sasha said...

the questions will never stop. first its when are u gonna have a gf? then got gf edi..will ask when get married.. when married edi when gonna have a kid...when have a kid edi..they gona ask when gonna have another kid....when they ask you just tell them i don't have time. You have time, go and find one for yrself la.

Aaron Chua said...

LOL~ Find one for yourself..

bubbly soda said...

lol! apa la you. ppl tell u serious thing u go lari topic. hiiyer!

Rycerain said...

what's the rush for...
i belum desperate u already desperate?
enjoy being single and enjoy still being able to flirt... kaka!

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