Thursday, April 5, 2007

What do you know about me?~

Was tagged.
By whom? Feon lah~
Thanks to Pinksterz who brought it up in the first place. lol~

Alright, I'm not quite back yet, but hey, tags like this sort are rather easy and so, yeah I'll do the tag.
Topic be - 5ive things you don't know about me.

Where to start?

Number one:
Ask anyone who know little about me, or even a few of my group of friends, and they might come up with comments like how quiet a person I am. No I'm not~ I'm not a quiet person at all. At home, I'm the noisiest there could be. My sister even regarded me as a "sampat" person, being totally "sampat" when I'm at home, always making noises and acting like a clown.

Number two:
I can easily skip a night's sleep. I've tried staying awake for over 50 hours and still feel okay. But I fall asleep during classroom lectures easily, no matter how fresh I am, because classes are freaking boring. Really they are so freaking boring lest they could put the wildest animal to rest without tranquilizers.

Number three:
My voice is better and I can sing higher keys during the night. I think it's not just me though. Perhaps it's about the temperature? Try yours and let me know what you think. lol~

Number four:
At one point of my life, I thought that, maybe this "destiny" of mine, wasn't really my thing, and which diverted my attention to something else - Business marketing, business this, business that, business.... and what not. Then after some serious struggling during my first few semesters in TAR College, I realized that, "hey~ I'm not doing what I should. This isn't right!"
I withdrew from TARC next, looked around for details on how to get courses like Audio Engineering, Event Organizing, and what not. Well, turned out that all are tough-to-get-job kind of courses. I slapped myself for not thinking things through before I step out of secondary school. And finally, end up doing American Degree Program in Stamford College PJ, major in Mass Comm.
Eh~ What's the topic again?

Number five:
What's more? Hmmm~
You know, there's this quote from someone, which I obviously don't remember who, saying - Be everything in something, and something in everything else. Me, I'm just something in something, and nothing in everything else. lol~
At least I get used to things easily. It helps in many ways.
Come to think of it, the very few things I can really count on are my musical intelligence and common sense. Freaking sad.
But hey, I learned music (officially) for 10 years, and music's been something important to me. And well, I never really stop learning when I stopped. lol~ I still practice on my own, do my own songs and so.

Like, that's not quite what I thought I'd write when I first started this tag.
Still, that wraps it up. Yeah, any more and I'll have to dig into really personal stuff.
And someone told me that I always regard myself as someone useless, making everyone else think that I'm down or suffering from depression. Well, I only say things like that when I'm online. And if you ask me, naturally, I'll tell you it's my nature.

It's really early in the morning now and no I don't plan on skipping another night's sleep.

Before I end, I have to tag someone, but still I have no one to tag~
So I'll drop the tagging.

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