Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Nice err, thing~

Windows Vista? Windows XP?
I'm going to format my computer soon, I think.
And I'm having some kind of headache.

Vista is cool~ I've seen people using it, and I like what I saw.
XP is well, not so cool, but good enough?

To upgrade to Windows Vista, I have to also upgrade my RAM, and that's quite a problem.
I mean, 1Gigabyte of RAM can only meet the minimum requirement of Windows Vista.
For it to run smoothly, we need like, 2Gigabyte?

Plus the Video Card, mine can only support Vista, but not good enough for its full performance.
That's sad~

If I were to go for Vista, I'm going to have to spend some amount of money.
I'm not saying it's a big problem. But right now I'm out of Gs.

So I think, I'm going to have to stick to the current Windows XP CD I possess.
And yeah~
After spending my whole afternoon doing nothing, I decided that I should customize my desktop to try and make it look cool~

Err, this is what I get:

Orange! Fulamak!!

Yeah and so I think Vista is too expensive for now~


Wennnn said...

wah nice desktop ah... heheheh I am using windows vista but i hv no idea how to use it... u say la me bodo or not???

Aaron Chua said...

You where got bodoh?!
You geng in cooking mah~
My cooking also ma-ma-dei only.

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