Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I'm not a weirdo~

Was tagged by AceOne, who claimed that by doing his tag, I'll get more traffic. lol~
No matter. I would have done it anyway.

Another weird tag - 10 weird things about me or, habits that I have.

First let me define the word Weird.
1. Supernatural.
2. (Informal) Odd or strange.
3. (Also informal) Bizarre or freakish.

Since we're talking about habits, it can only mean the informal meaning, which is odd or strange, or the extremes, bizarre or freakish.
Really, have you ever heard of a supernatural habit? What on earth be that?

Well at any rate, why is everyone so curious about weird stuff?
Human nature~

Now what is weird about me?

Not in any particular order.

Number One:
I cannot help myself but kill any insect that came into my sight. Especially mosquitoes, spiders and roaches. I'm trying hard to not kill spiders though. Because well... Spider = Spiderman.

Number Two:
I'm good in mathematics, but I hate the subject! How come? And well I love science but I suck at memorizing facts. Crap!

Number Three:
I always wanted a game to last long, but sadly all the good games, they finish too quickly. lol~ God of War II for example. I bought on Sunday and finished on Thursday (exclude all those intervals for food, sleep, exercise, crap, shit, and what not). What is weird about this? Oh, that strange habit of cracking games as soon as possible instead of just playing it for fun.

Number Four:
I was supposed to look really cute (uh huh~) when I was still a kid (toddler?) but why in the world do I look so weird now? Yes it's not a habit, but it's with me all the time, my weird look.

Number Five:
I punch on walls whenever I feel annoyed, or err, really pissed. Sometimes, I do it for fun. Is this suppose to be weird? Somehow I think it's like an exercise, even my father used to punch on walls when he was at my age. Sandbags are expensive. lol~

Number Six:
I have this weird habit of peeling the skin of my fingers. I used to bite my fingernails when I was much younger. I was so at it, that my parents had to use fingernail polish or whatever you call that thing, just so I quit. Colorless ones of course. Sadly, however, I end up now peeling instead of biting. lol~

Number Seven:
I always imitate the sound of anything. From musical instruments to crappy noises. I do so whenever I'm alone. lol~ Because I think it's weird, and people will think I'm weird if I do that in public.

Number Eight:
Rycerain told me that one weird thing about me is that I can open my eyes, without blinking at all, for more than one minute. Yeah that happens whenever I'm focused, for example, like when I'm playing games. I think it's not that weird but... Maybe a little.

Number Nine:
This is not a habit, more like a must but it's weird because I like it. I'm talking about bathroom-washing. Yeah it's strange but why? Because I like water and washing the bathroom is rather fun. lol~

Number Ten:
It's really weird that, I freaking took more than an hour to complete this tag because I find it really difficult to think about the weird habits that I have. So is it weird to have little weird habits? I'm still very much a normal person.

Okay, now that I'm done with my tag.
AceOne, how is this going to boost my traffic?! lol~

As for who to tag, none again~
Am I just being good, or have I no one to tag?

*Vanishes into thin air, weirdly*


AceOne118 said...

To boost more traffic do more of my tags! Another one coming ledi!!! wakakaka

Aaron Chua said...

lol~ Another one?

Wennnn said...

One more traffic on the way.... heheheheh I hv come.....thanks for droppin by my blog

Aaron Chua said...

Eh~ lol
Sure must drop by your blog mah.
You so famous~ Haha.

Rycerain said...

U like washing toilets?
Wohkay, next time "dontate" out my toilets for u to clean~

Aaron Chua said...

Dontate? Apa ini?
Donate kah?
Might as well "donate" some cash?
That I definitely say yes!

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