Saturday, April 7, 2007

I need to get me more entertainment~

Alright, I'm back from all those business.
I had to rest before starting again.
I overslept earlier, and freaking missed out a yumcha session with my friends.
Shows how tired my body is.

And well I admit it. It wasn't entirely about business.
I stayed up late because of a few new games I bought on last Sunday.

Playstation 2's:

God of War II

This is quite cool a game, because well, it's cool~
Graphics, all in are not bad at all compared to other sort of action-adventure games.
At least in PS2, it is.
Better than the Prince of Persia - The Two Thrones (Which I finished long before I bought the God of War II).

Well the Prince of Persia was definitely good.
But the PS2 version lack the quality.
And even the PC's version, is still not better than God of War's graphics. Heck, both games are good to play and fairly easy. I finished both games in just a few hours each.

In terms of gameplay, Prince of Persia is more about manipulating your enemies and use your surroundings to your advantage (with wall-run abilities, yeah), so study the terrain and timing is what matters.
God of War is about swinging your thing, hack, bash, slash, smash, stab and sometimes, even tearing monsters with his bare hands (kind of bloody), how can anyone have that kind of strength? Only Kraytos - Ghost of Sparta, Slayer of Gods and whatever more title there is to him. And I never knew Hades - God of Underworld, was a brother of Zeus' - King of Gods (the one that ruled Mount. Olympia, also known as Herc's father) until after I play the game.
Okay it's just a game, it's not real.

Medal of Honor - Vanguard

This is truly a fun game, because it's about World War II and it's really quite interesting because it's about fighting a war. Why is it called Vanguard? Simply because the person you play in the game - Frank Keegan, a Sergeant and what not, during the real WWII, was one of the 82nd division, Airborne blah blah blah. In short, a paratrooper. They were the first bunch of soldiers that were given the task to parachute their way down into the heart of enemy territory to conquer, or sometimes, their own territory to defend. All of that first bunch were untested, and yet they won the war. Naturally, they returned home as heroes.

No I'm not a bloodthirsty person or a warmonger. It's just about having the thrill and feeling of it. When you can't have the real thing happening, you might want to know what it's like, right?
And well, running around a heavily guarded fort, fighting alongside with your soldier "brothers", are all quite syok geh. The thing I like about Medal of Honor is that they have this whole gang following you, talking to you (they say things like "hey, leave some for us!" sometimes when you kill an enemy), and sometimes, it gets really chi-gek and I take out a whole bunch of the opposing force before any of my members score any marks.
And again, I finished this game in a matter of hours.

Now that's a rather weird review. lol~

*Pictures taken from Game Revolution*


Emily said...

serious gamer eh~

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah I'm quite serious a gamer. lol~

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