Thursday, April 12, 2007

From a Raptor, into a Rexaur? Dinosaurs~

What is your dream car?
Me, I don't have a dream car.
There are too many cars around, and I can't make up my mind on choosing a dream car.

Remembering about the accident I had, sometimes I think, how lucky am I to still be here.
Really it wasn't too big a deal. Just a few inches away.
I was driving a Nissan Serena, a green dinosaur (yeah right~). And the car that hit me, wasn't exactly a car, but a freaking Toyota Fortuner (talk about dinosaur!).

Now that my grandpa was given a birthday gift, a Perodua Myvi. Much thanks to my dad, who decided that my grandpa needs a new car more than me. lol~
My sister and I grumbled, complained. Saying that selling the old Nissan Serena and getting a new and cooler vehicle, is the definite way to go.
I mean, sure it is. But since the Nissan Serena was all capable up to that point, we were in no position to ask for a new vehicle.

After the accident, what? You expect the MPV to be in full condition? Frankly, I don't think it'll survive another hit.

My sister kept "crying" for a new Myvi of her own, and naturally, request was denied.
I mean come on! I'm older than her and she's going to get her own car before me? Noooo-way-ho-zay~ lol!
Of course, I'm not the one who decides, my parents thought that she's still too "young" to handle a car. With little experience and skill, she's already speeding as though she's a pro. Hence, they decided I hold all the car keys. Wakakakak~

Now, my father found a new light. FWDs~
I was like, huh?! Why do we need those?
He's already driving a Toyota Hilux at Papua New Guinea, and still he wants to get something similar to that in Malaysia? Not boring meh?

My mother then told me about how proud he is driving a Toyota Hilux, because in PNG, his one is considered one of the best.

My sister declined harshly, and it's only normal because huge cars are difficult to fit into parking spaces, especially since she's a beginner.
To me, Toyota Hilux is not good lah~ Because I don't like Hilux! Hilux sound like hai-lat! (hai-lat is err, something vulgar in Cantonese) Zzzz~

While searching through the newspaper ads, they told me they found one more chun than Hilux (can't help but relate Hilux to hai-lat everytime, that also because of my dad).
My father didn't say much about it. My mom, however, said she couldn't remember the name. She made me guess, saying that it's sporty, tough-looking at first glance, and somehow makes people feel that the vehicle is much bigger than all of its kind.
Now tell me, what kind of vehicle came to mind when you hear someone describing like that?

Me? As soon as I hear the word Sporty, I immediately tell my mom shut up. But heck, she continued. lol~
Sporty can only mean - Mitsubishi Triton (pronounce tr-ai-tonne lol~).
And of course, I was right (naturally~ lol).

What can I say about Triton? Hmmm~ The first thing that came to my mind, was King Triton, father of Little Mermaid (in case if you don't know, Triton's the one wielding the spear Trident and also a logo on Neptune's cooking oil). LOL~ How irrelevant.
Alright, it's sporty in design, consumes diesel instead of petrol, hard to flatten, and rolls on four wheels. Great, I'm going to have to drive a Triton!
~ Parking is going to become an issue (at least I'm driving a greater dinosaur).

Well what say you to a Mitsubishi Triton?


Rycerain said...

another dinosaur~
At 1st glance, it looks like a Coelacanth!
I tot u're getting a Nissan Murano~
Btw if u really get that underwater fish, that'll be the 1st in klang i think... XD

Aaron Chua said...

Nissan Murano is also good~
But pricey. lol~

Wennnn said...

Wah sai betul betul dinosaur la... Sorri lor kenot help U to choose becoz car too big la for me... Difficult to park lor.
PS:Thanks for linking me..

Aaron Chua said...

lol~ Wennnn~ I linked you ever since, err, what, ages ago?
Yeah both are dinosaurs, and with that extra load behind, parking is magic. lol~

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