Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Are you an exclusive member?~

I was lying on my bed, thinking about nothing.
In about minutes, I fell asleep (I've been an insomniac for nights).


One night and one more time~ Thanks for the memories, even though they weren't so great~ He tastes like you only sweeteeeeeer~

My handphone rang. Yeah that's my ringtone lah~

Looking at the never-before-seen phone number, I went blurred for a second (who's disturbing my slumber?!) and answered the call:

Aaron (Me, myself & I): Hello?

Unknown: Hi Mr. Aaron Chua?

Aaron: Yeah that's me.

Unknown: I'm someone (I'd imagine she don't want her name disclosed) from Nuffnang.

Aaron: Oh? (o.O Gee I wasn't expecting that)

And the rest, well. You should know what's the call for anyway.
You do, right? You.. Don't?

Why else would Nuffnang call me?
Why would anyone want to call me?
Why do I even exist?
Why am I so weird?
Why is the rum gone?!

Because the Pirates are coming!
No, I'm going to them!

I got the ticket! They even offered another ticket. But...... I said I need only one. Argh! I'm a nutcase! I regret it! Gwwwwaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!~ But well, what's done is done.

Now the only thing left for me to do, is freaking find out how to dress like a pirate!
Oh, there's another thing too, freaking find out how to get to Cathay Cineplex Cineleisure Damansara, KL.
Can anyone help me with that?! I mean both, the dressing & the how-to-get-there.



Rabbit said...

WAH!! dapat ticketS! but u goan make it become ticket. =.= Why reject that additional ticket wor. Tsk tsk.

cHrIstInA_YY said...

o.O lucky u... hope u enjoy ur movie ^^v

Aaron Chua said...

Rabbit: Yeah. Dapat ticketSSS, but I rejected and get only one ticket...

cHrIstInA_YY: Lucky meh? Hmmm~ Yeah lucky, but I'm stupid. LOL~ Thanks anyway.

a n n n a said...

so r u gonna dress like Jack??

vvens said...

congratulations for winning the ticket!!! i think i've missed it!

anyway, the mall is just somewhere near IKEA. Do you know how to go to Ikea? Ikano power center or the curve? its there!!

get a black clothe and wrap on of your eyes and get a hook to replace your hand! hahaha.

add some misai too. hehehe

all the best! :)

Aaron Chua said...

annna: Don't know how to ^^"

vvens: You missed it? Maybe it's because your name vvens, V quite at the back. Alphebetical order. LOL~
So it's near the curve lah? Thanks! Fulamak now I know how to get there~ Hahahahah~
Add hook, become Captain Hook. lol~

kyliemc said...

:) u knoe how 2 get 2 the curve la..haha..it's very easy 2 recognise..it's on ur left..very colourful building...yellow n blue :D d carpark is rm 1 per entry...remember where u park ur car properly coz lotsa ppl 4got where they park their car... :P

erm.bring sweater or jacket!!haha...really really cold..n since u didnt bring a partner along,cant hug la :P

vvens said...

huh? alphabetical order??

you have 2 As. and i have 2 Vs. lol. ;p

Aaron Chua said...

Opposite in shape. Also mine is so front and yours is so behind. =,=
They called from A - Z, alphabetical order. ><

Minny said...

eeyer, i wish im in kl
then can ikut u.
i got tickets, but.. ]:


oh well HAVE FUN!
aye captain jack sparrowwwww!!!!

Aaron Chua said...

Hahahah~ I can still use an extra ticket! Hehehe~

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