Friday, May 25, 2007

Nuffnang's Pirates-gathering~

Yo.. Ho.. All.. Together..... And so on. LOL~

Yeah okay I forgot the words, but that's the song sang by many people (pirates, or anyone involved in piracy) during the opening of the movie. Wait, that's not a spoiler, right? LOL~
Yeah well 250 bloggers watched the movie together, and I think almost all will write on this event. Me? I didn't take any photo. Almost every blogger had a digital camera, and I'm still working on getting myself one.

Who did I meet last night? Many unfamiliar faces, and I thought I'd know most of them. The first known person I saw there was Boss Stewie (don't tell me you don't know him! LOL~), but I never greeted him. I took my ticket and waited at the entrance. Next person who came by was ItchyHandseng. I did my smile-and-wave thing to him. lol~
Pretty much most of the time, I just sat there doing nothing until Splashmilk appeared and greeted me. He said he'd recognize me because I did the eye move.

You get what I mean about the eye move?

Then next, another guy sat next to me and greeted me - Origor. We had a small talk and Splashmilk joined in for a bit. And then the crowd got bigger. Most of the bloggers were chatting, a few even compared costumes and everyone was laughing so much. In short, it was noisy. LOL~
It was then I saw Wingz and Kenny Ng. I greeted Kenny Ng because he's more a familiar face to me. lol~ Well, of course, there were others. Many of them. But being the small fry I am, I just stood there quietly, and observe the crowd. lol~

Back to the movie. Geez~ This is one of the best movie I've watched in my entire life! Okay maybe I'm the only one who likes it that much.
It's quite funny and it's pack with action! That's my kind of movie. Also, there are rather odd moments that made me feel really weird, like when Jack's at Davy Jones' Locker, bizarre.

You know, I don't mind watching it again.

If you liked the 1st and 2nd Pirates of the Caribbean, you'll definitely like the 3rd. Here's the trailer, and it serves no purpose because most of the people have seen it. lol~

With that, I end me post.
*Disappears after the flash of green*


Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Duwan to read this post yet! Hehehe! Scared got spoiler! Me watching monday! Wooho!! Woolala!

CRIZ LAI said...

**feeling jealous now** Hehe...so you met up with those bloggers. Fun right? Anyway, I also watched the movie (on my own expenses)last night in Penang. All I could say was that the movie was so good that I did not realised time passes by so quickly. Two and a half hours and I did not even blinked an eye :)

Kenny Ng said...

Nice meeting u bro. Sorry can't really got time talk with u more, next time la...

origor said...

Nice meetign you! :D

Rabbit said...

That eye move.. lol!

Eeks jealousnya aku. Wait lah, wait my exam finish oledi i'll drag my ass to the cinema to catch this kari bean!

AceOne118 said...

Wah! syiok la you. Tarak meet any char boh meh?

vvens said...

i dint get to see u leh!

Shireen K said...

ala... tak sporting.. come say hi la.... aiyoh.. u so leng zhai ..i sure wanna meet u mar

Aaron Chua said...

Yeah maybe a little. Haha~ Enjoy!

Yeah fun! Movie was great! So good, I don't mind watching again.

Kenny Ng
Yeah man, next time!

Likewise dude!

Can you do the eye move? Heh heh~

Tarak lah! All swee swee one, I dare not go near! LOL~

You know, I kinda looked around to try and find you, but to no avail. Hahaha~

Shireen K
-__- I'll definitely say hi the next time around!

ItchyHandseng said...

Aiks Am i too late to comment on this post?
I just wan to say nice meeting u.

Jamie Chin said...

The gathering seems like fun! I wanna join too next time :D

Anyway, the movie was awesome. Though the ending was kinda touching :(

Mischique said...

Why does all the happening events has TO BE IN KL?@! That's so unfair...*sobsob*

Aaron Chua said...

No you're not too late~ And yeah, likewise man.

Jamie Chin
Yeah it was kinda fun. You should join! Hahaha~

Err, I thought they have events in Penang as well? lol~

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