Monday, May 21, 2007

Delighting you always~

Thank you all who commented in my previous post.
I don't really know how to edit HTML, so this is the furthest I dare to try.

But anyway, was searching online for camera-details. Digital cameras.
Found Canon - Malaysia and thought that it's a good brand (Really, I know so little about everything, and that makes me feel stupid.)
So, I kinda need suggestions from more people. And I know, there are many people who knows about photography or designing in the blogosphere. And you, who are currently reading my blog might know better than me.

I came across a few models.


This is not really new, but I like it. It's cool!

PowerShot A640


The next one, I find cool, too. Titanium is light but strong. I don't understand one thing though. This same model have 2 versions. PowerShot SD900 & Digital IXUS 900 Ti. What are the differences between the two? Can anyone tell me, please?

This is the PowerShot version, SD900


This is one of the newer models, heck, they have ads everywhere. Again, there are 2 versions - PowerShot/Digital ELPH & Digital IXUS. I seriously need to know what are the differences.

PowerShot SD750 (IXUS 75 in ads)


Another one, in the same ad with the model before this. Also got 2 versions wei~

PowerShot SD1000 (IXUS 70 in ads)


This is also one of the newer models. There are 4 choices of color - Brown, silver, pink & blue. Also got 2 versions (?!)

PowerShot SD40 or Digital IXUS i7 zoom


Which model is the best? And what on earth are the differences between PowerShot/Digital ELPH and Digital IXUS?


CRIZ LAI said...

Nice change of presentation. Keep it up dude :)

As for the cameras, get something within yr budget to start with. Anything above 5.0 mega pixel will be fine for a starter. I would like to suggest that get one which gives quite a good flash light as most cameras sucks during night shots.

AceOne118 said...

Mafoolat! Searching high and low for your comment box!

As for the cameras, i like all. Hahahaha!

vvens said...

you know which i love best. ;p
Digital IXUS 900 Ti was my second choice! :)

kyliemc said...
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kyliemc said...

aaron the big-eyed guy...

haha.the difference between powershot series and ixus series is their names..lol..ok la,jokes aside..actually they are the same models la, dear...it's juz tht in other countries besides US/canada,we call it digital ixus but in US/canada,they call it powershot...basically they are the same models but perhaps different in design.their functions are the same. i'm serious, not pulling your leg. juz in case u doubt it, click on the link http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/canondigitalixus330/

powershot a640 is great if u luv to develop pics in2 poster-liked sizes as the 10.0 mega pixels is sufficient enuff not to let the quality of ur pics being reduced. but if u only keep those pics in2 CDs or develop 4R pics,then ur pics wont show much diffences wif those pics taken wif lower pixels cams.

as for the difference between powershot sd750 and powershot sd1000,plez refer to the link tht me gonna provide u wif coz i think it's a really good review...lol..guys are really helpful when a gurl asks them anything bout gadgets..they even provide the links to related articles :P http://reviews.cnet.com/digital-cameras/canon-powershot-sd750-silver/4505-6501_7-32314640.html

as for sd40, it's really slim ;) u can even put it in2 any hp pouch to keep it as my friend is using her hp pouch to keep it. it's quite small and of course in some restricted places where u cant bring in cams,this is really handy :P gurls can put it in2 their make up pouch and then throws in their cosmetic to flood it before putting the make up pouch in2 big handbags,handy during concerts coz those guards wont b tht hardworking 2 check. as 4 guys, wear a pair of cargo pants and keep it in the lower pockets :P see?very easy to store...as for it's specs, i'm sure u've checked it.

haha,hope wat i've written helps..lol.i hv the same probs as u in decising which model to get til i ask d guys for their opinions.me alwiz force them 2 explain in eng instead of using jargons,easier 2 understand :P

Aaron Chua said...

Thanks man!
Yeah I'll go for 7.1 Mega pixels or more.

LOL! Paiseh lah~ I really don't know what to do about the comment box. =,=

Yeah that's my favorite too!
And my second choice also IXUS 900 Ti. =,=

Yeah girls ask for help, sure easier to get. LOL~ Thanks for the review! Somehow, I still like A640 the best.

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Phwroar!! I love cameras!! I actually wanted to take photography but MOTHER insisted i take something more solid... if i get to be a good photographer I can travel around places and take nice photos! Aih...

cHrIstInA_YY said...

Hmm...ur a maria sherapova's fans? =.=" da Sony DCR-T100 my boi juz bought is awesome. 8.1 MP...

Aaron Chua said...

That's sad~ But she's right anyway. lol~

No I'm not any tennis player's fan. I just like the camera. lol~ How much is that Sony?

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