Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Project AaronWoolala, complete~

YUI - a Japanese singer with rather smooth tunes.
I'm not sure if everyone knows about her.
I learned about her a few months ago and listened to her music ever since.

This song is sweet, so is the name of it - CHE.R.RY.
(Heck, pay attention to the translated lyrics! LOL~)

What did you see, eh? I mean, besides the awful lot of grammatical errors and a few sentences which are rather strange.

A song, which my friend had just introduced to me - My Generation.

Oh~ And in case you hadn't noticed, I changed the name/title of my blog.
Instead of the old "~WoOLaLA~", it's now "AaronWoolala : PHWROAR!!!".
And yeah, it's Splashmilk's suggestion.

Once again, thank you dude!
You're the man!

Not only for giving my blog a new look, but also for the guidance throughout the whole installation process! Gracias.

Another post coming up soon.
Until then, I'm off.


papajoneh said...

Thanks for droppin by my blog aaron. come again.. and do comment on the post. thanks. nice new blog.

AceOne118 said...

Hahaha!! Powerrrr!!!!!!!!!

Aaron Chua said...

Papajoneh: yeah I'll do! Do come around my blog too!

Aceone118: lol~ What's so power about this entry wor?

*~AnnA~* said...

new layout~! nice... rwoww rwoww..

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