Tuesday, May 1, 2007

The day before yesterday~

It's Labors' Day, public holiday it is!
And since I have some extra time to spare, I thought, why not blog about last Sunday?

How am I going to start? Hmmm~
Well... Before that, this is a little something I saw from one of my MSN friends.
It goes like this:
女人不醉,男人没机会; 男人不醉,女人没小费; 男女都不醉,饭店没人睡!

Direct translation?
Ladies no drunk, men no chances; Men no drunk, ladies no tips; Ladies & men no drunk, hotel no one sleep!

Now now, I'mma focus on Sunday's outing.
It was my friend's birthday, and one from our group of friends suggested that we do barbecue at the beach.
Heck, I was like, what?! I mean, that's the strangest plan I've heard of in quite a while. But since no one in the group had that kind of experience, no one objected.
Various tasks was assigned to a few people.
Food preparation, items needed, tools, transportation and what not.

Me? All I do is bring the skewers and drive us to the location.

Well, from this point out, I'll let the pictures do the talking.
Ummm, maybe a few words to explain the pictures.

Obviously, the starting of fire.

Smoke will only appear after fire.

Tried a pose but the sunlight...

Tried another pose, facing the opposite direction, but the wind...

Building a sandcake.

Hann: Quickly! Almost finish! Before she finds out!
Ryan: A little touch-up here and there...
Chew: *grabs a coconut* This'll serve as the dressing!
Dylan: No it's too big!

Sandcake cracked a little.

Chew: Oops~
All except chew: Wei!~ Aiyoooo...

Finally, a sandcake! (Still look quite cacat lah~)

Hann: Can liao! Can liao!
Chew: Want to put dressing or not?
All except chew (again): NOOOO!~
Chew: ......


Fran: Here she comes!
Hann: Someone distract her!
Ling: What are you guys doing?
Ryan: Nothing ar!
Dylan: Playing with sand lor!
Aaron: *whistles*
Ling: Aiya, don't hide liao! Sim hoi! Sim! (Cantonese language, meaning move aside.)

Sandcake-cutting ceremony!

All: *Sings happy birthday song*
Jien: Cut cake! Make wish! Remove "candle-stick" with teeth!! *pushes the branch deeper into the sand*
Ling: Yer! I don't want to! Sandy leh! Yucky!
Hann: Don't have to lah!
All: Booooo!
Hann: Boo what boo?! I'm not done saying! Birthday girl eat the first slice of cake!
All: o.O *claps* Yeah!

Sunset, cooling evening~

And so, our very first barbecue-at-the-beach Sunday ended.
The next time, we'll do picnic instead.
Starting a fire at the beach is damn difficult because it's freaking windy!



cHrIstInA_YY said...

haha, it ain't weird 2 have bbq @ beachside. We've been doin' it every year when I was in college... but this 2 years seem 2 b excluded cuz every1 is bz working, studying or doin their own things

Aaron Chua said...

Oh? For real? LOL~
Okay, I'll be sure to choose a better spot then~

Rabbit said...

Oi! Boh jio!!

Aaron Chua said...

Not my plan also!

Mischique said...

Heyy..damn that looked like fun! Was it at Batu Ferringhi beach?

*~AnnA~* said...

wahhh.. so best!! for my next bday, i'm so gonna celebrate it at the beach! except no sand cake eating..

Aaron Chua said...

mishique: No not Batu Ferringhi beach~
It's a lousy spot. lol~

*~anna~*: Why not? Only once a year what. lol~

Wennnn said...

Wah enjoying urself hor!! Very good.. Okie okie time to do some tag!!!

Sasha said...

why so blur wan....so leng chai no need to blur la

Kenny Ng said...

Where is the beach ah? Looks so familiar one. Nice outing bro!

Aaron Chua said...

wennnn: Tag? Apa tag? Where? Link?

Sasha: Not I want one! Lousy camera leh! I'm going to buy one soon~ And no I'm not leng zai! lol~

Kenny Ng: Familiar? Where? This one near Banting one wor.. And yeah! It was fun~

Wennnn said...

Aaron wah the tag oredi in my post la..... okie U wan the link here it is..


Aaron Chua said...

Ohhh~ Okay I do.. =,=

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Woolala!! That is one creative way of celebrating bday! Using the sand! Non-fattening yet special occassion style to remember!

Nice! Hey wanna exchange link? Tell me yar? Don worry I dun just exchange link... I READ MY BLOGGER FRENZ UPDATES!

Aaron Chua said...

Creative huh?
Non fattening! LOL~

Yeah sure thing~

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