Thursday, May 24, 2007

It's Blue! It's Green! Ah well, it's both.

RM15,000 for 300 bloggers? So like, each person is going to get RM50.
RM50 may seem little, but it's a start to getting something big!

Wait, haven't you heard? Click on this - RM15k for 300 Bloggers
Or this for the homepage - Advertlets

Nice green & blue.. Yeah~

There must be a first step to everything. This is my first post on Advertlets.
Well the reason I join Advertlets is freaking obvious. I think it's going to benefit me. Yeah that simple. Notice that ad at my sidebar. It's got a survey to it. It helps me find out who my readers are. And, knowing what kind of readers I have, I might be able to write more on topics related to you readers, hence entertaining y'all.
You know, sharing personal thoughts is not enough, I think.

They want a screenshot of their website in the post. LOL~

Now now, why do I like Advertlets? Isn't this the easiest question? They are like a bridge between bloggers and advertisers. I like bridges. They are always cool. LOL~

What do I hope to get from Advertlets? I hope I get this RM50 for a start. And in case if you're wondering, this is not a sponsored post. I have no experience in writing sponsored posts.

The Great Wall of China wasn't completed in a day. Well, at least I'm trying hard to improve my blog. I'm quite a perfectionist when it comes to certain things, though I know very well that my blog is nothing near perfect. Also, I don't want my blog to become like, full of ads, because the main thing in here is about the blog itself. And that's why I have not written any sponsored posts yet.

So, have you taken your first step?


a n n n a said...

rwoww rwoww~!

Nice review on Advertlets.

aprilcherrie said...

wow.. you joined Advertlets too? :) cool

Ellone said...

So many ways to make money using your blog nowadays.

Aaron Chua said...

a n n n a:
Nice review? You think so?

Yeah cool! Oh, how come I can't get to your profile with that link at your name?

Uh huh~ I'm only starting. Hahaha~

Rabbit said...

Woah so nice? Okay set, got time i goan put advertlets also!!

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