Monday, May 7, 2007

The Searching~

Papua New Guinea - a place where I had always thought, is super ulu~
I'm rather sure that most (all?) of the Malaysian-readers would know the meaning of ulu.
I'm not talking about this ulu, okay? I'm talking about the Malaysian-meaning ulu.
Don't know how to explain though.

So, I received pictures from my parents who are both working there.
Their spot is known as Port Moresby.
The pictures, however, are not of Port Moresby's. They're of a higher-class zone - Touguba Hill. Touguba Hill is only err, say, 10 minutes drive away from Port Moresby?
Higher-class zone here, means a place where many rich people gather and live together.
Some of them freaking own the mountains. Some of them live on the peak.
Me? I'm working on it. Heh heh~

What do you think about this picture?

A closer look from the same direction, I kind of like it there!

Only 2 pictures. Really, I have only this few. I'll see if I can get more pictures.

I need a camera. Does anyone know which is good?
No DSLRs. Just a fine digicam.
And I do know that, any digicam can beat the quality of my camera. But heck, what can I expect from a Sony Ericsson w850i's camera?

Sony Ericsson w850i

It's only 2 Megapixels, and without autofocus!


lollipop said...

:D i like the view..
so GREEN!!

AceOne118 said...

Yeah, Papua New Guinea got alot of blackies too!! Never bath for days wan. But if you go fishing there, it is a paradise! hehehe

Aaron Chua said...

Lollipop: Yeah green is nice. That's not the best you can find there. Got plenty of really nice views.

AceOne118: Yeah man! You really know how to find great fishing spots! LOL~ They have rare fishes there. Here buy RM100+, there I think less than half the price can get~ Seafood heaven!

Rabbit said...

wooot!! ur phone looks nice! how much was the damage eh?

Aaron Chua said...

Rabbit, damage?
What damage?
My handphone in good condition, no damage~ Hahaha...

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