Friday, May 4, 2007

Lifestyle of the rich and famous~

Everyone knows that driving on highway these days, must pay toll, right?
Got a few paying methods, right?
#1. You pay up with your money.
#2. You use Smart Tag.
#3. You use Touch N' Go.

My uncle once told me, Touch N' Go can also use the TAG lane.
How can?! TAG for Smart Tag users only what!
TAG = Touch And Go mah~
*bangs head at wall, ehh no, car's window*

Lousy joke. lol~

But anyway, that's just an opening to the thing that I'm going to do now.
Do what? Tag lor~ How can you not realize? I even Bold-ed the Tag words leh~
Never mind.

I was tagged, by Wennnn. She cooks, she post photographs about her cooking and well, she tags!
A seemingly easy tag, but why is this kind of tag always difficult to me?!

Right, the title of the tag is: Gotta Get Goals
I have to freaking list out 5 to 10 goals that I freaking want to achieve.

Goal #1: Be successful in what I like doing! I sling web and swing from one rooftop to another! Well okay I'm not Spidey, but my real dream is as difficult to achieve as to being Spidey.

Goal #2: This will only come after I became successful. I want a very special house with a great garden. One like Nick and Aaron Carter's house. I'm not sure about how to show you the pictures though. Saw it on MTV Cribs.

Goal #3: Start a restaurant with my sister, because she suddenly seem to love all about cooking. Yeah I love things about cooking too, but I know little about it lah~ All I know now is eat!

Goal #4: Travel to all beautiful places there is on Earth! With family and friends.

Goal #5: This also will only come after I became rich. Have a cinema at home! Muahahaha! With the best theater system! And the latest movies!

Goal #6: I suddenly think rich liao~ I want a basketball court, futsal, swimming pool (Heck I want a beach!), badminton court, whatever sports' playground lah~ In my backyard of course. lol~

Goal #7: I want to have mini factories (machines that process food?) of KFC, McD, Burger King, and many more, all in my kitchen!

I think I'll stop here.
Got anyone want to do this tag or not?
I think I tag lah this time.

In alphabetical order:
Aceone118 lor~
Kenny Ng lor~
Rycerain lor~

Okay! Gao dim!


Kenny Ng said...

adui!!! Tagged me pula... ok la, will do on Sunday ok?

Aaron Chua said...

Whenever you feel like it man~
Want to see your goals mah~ :)

babyfiona said...

Wah mini factories in your kitchen! remember to call me if you have all those achieved! I wanna free meal! everyday ^^

bubbly soda said...

eh good goals there. RICH is the ultimate goal!

AceOne118 said...

Wokeh!! Going to do it ledi!! kekeke

Rabbit said...

woot! A house with a great garden? The one like Nick and Aaron Carter's? No worry, Aaron Carter can have it, Aaron Chua can have it too! =P

Aaron Chua said...

babyfiona: Yeah lol~ I'm working on it now! Hahaha~

bubbly soda: Yeah rich is the ultimate! Think big, think rich!

aceone118: Yeah I read yours!

rabbit: Yeah Aaron Chua can have it too, I hope lah~ lol..

Nastasshea@Nesh said...

Taggies!! Hahaha!! Good thing i dun see my name there! I still have 2 tags to do! Arg!!

Aaron Chua said...

nastasshea@nesh: Oh? You'll see your name then, if I get another tag. Heheheh~

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