Friday, May 11, 2007

Squeeze a milk~

|||This entry is solely for entertainment purpose! Do not think otherwise!|||

If you're wondering whether this post is related to Splashmilk or not, well, no it isn't.
If you can read Chinese, then you'll understand the reason of the title of my post after watching the video.

Ji Ge Nai (Mandarin)
Real name of the song, I don't know.

This one I steal from Rycerain one! LOL~

I couldn't take it, it's freaking funny!
And if you cannot read Chinese, sorry lah~
There are also Chinese who can't read Chinese, but maybe speak and understand the language.
If that be your case, and you understand Mandarin & Hokkien, then try and catch the words. LOL~

Finally, this post is not meant to offend any party okay?
Just for laughs.


Simmy said...

haha, i cant believe that these ppl are so free go and put titles in the MTV lar...

Rabbit said...



Wei u want to make me laugh like that meh early in the morning? Samo ur blog is the first in my feed list leh. Walau! sakit perut.

a n n n a said...

ROFLMFAO! i cud read very lil chinese & whoever so terer go 'subtitle' them?! so damn funny lar..

Aaron Chua said...

Simmy: Yeah! LOL~
Every word also quite ngam one!
Plus the meaning come out like chi-seen. Hahaha~

Rabbit: Heh heh~ Good mar~ First thing the morning, must ki siao a bit!

a n n n a: LMAO~ Come I open Chinese class!

nic ah nic said...

ROFLOL. AHAHAHA. laugh until sakit perut la, why there are ppl so free to subtitled it to entertain us. so good. HAHAHA

conan_cat said...

LMFAO!! i'm laughing so darn hard lor!!! whoever who wrote the subtitles sure have tons of creativity and lots of yellow messages in his head!! XD

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