Monday, May 28, 2007

You wanted evidence, here you go.

Someone said I wasn't at the Nuffnang's event because I didn't take any photos. It didn't bother me, because it's no big deal.
But during my last visit to Nuffnang's blog, I found this:

I look weird in the photo. No wait, I think I look weird in most of the photos.

Click on it to view it bigger.
I look like I'm lost, and yes I was alone.
Believe me now, my friend?


Anonymous said...

aww, who would say such a mean thing about you.
anyway, from that picture it seems that the place was packed with bloggers :D

Aaron Chua said...

Jamie Chin, yeah the whole entrance was packed with bloggers. I thought we had to use 2 halls, but one hall was big enough.

Kenny Ng said...

Haha... anyway, I met u that night, so no need photo I know you already.

Rabbit said...

Wei! Bo siang lu wor! lu sure that's lu? Keke!

Aaron Chua said...

Kenny Ng
But I do look different in photo, don't I? lol~
I'm not photogenic.

Confirm is wa! Was wearing that shirt. lol~

pinksterz said...


i want to watch it oso! boooooohooooooooohoooooo

why am i stuck with exams? why? *cries*


smashpOp said...

omg that was you ????????? why nvcr say hi? cis!!!!!!

i can see myself in that photo ahah

a n n n a said...

wow.. the crowd. i like.. & look.. there's aaron. shud go WooOoLaLa~ when u see him. hehe..

Aaron Chua said...

Envy meh? lol~ Exams are supposed to be fun! XD

Yes that was me. And I see you too, damn far away. lol~ Didn't say hi because you damn busy walking everywhere wei~ hahaha..

a n n n a
Somehow this photo make the crowd look just so big. It wasn't like that on that day itself. It was.. Bigger.. lol~

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