Friday, May 18, 2007

What's wrong with our blogs?

You know, I've not been updating, and I got someone telling me to update.
Really, instead of feeling, "Ei, my blog wei~ I update whenever I want lah~", I thought, "Wow, people want to read my stuff?! That's cool!"

Yeah come on, it's a good thing, right?

Come to think of it, I've been blogging for like, 4 months now.
Why am I even blogging? Heck, I was pushed by a few people to join the bloggers' community, and I thank them for what I am now.

Throughout this 4 months of blogging, stalking, lurking, and whatever I do in any blog, I noticed a few kinds of blog that I find, err, not so good.
I'm not saying my blog is super-chun or something, okay?
It's just what I see, and how I feel about what I see.

I started off simple. All I wanted to do was write and write, and write..... And write.... Right!
And whenever I get comments, I go like, "WOW! Comment wei~"

Later on, I visited "bigger" blogs. I was motivated to start something even bigger.
And heck, I kind of screwed up. Why? Because I thought on nothing but to improve traffic, and I started posting on anything and everything.
What next? With sucky content, I failed in gaining traffic.

Then I visited blogs randomly, learned a few things on the way, got advices, thanks to so many other bloggers and readers!
And yeah, things started to look good.
I'm happier than before. lol~

Alright now, I'll start on the main topic. Eh~ Blogs that I think, need adjustment.
It's just what I think, okay? lol~

Too formal. Hahaha! I think my blog is kind of boring in this sense too. Heh heh~

Messy blogs. Kind of like err, many different font sizes in a single post.

The colors, keterlaluan (overly) fancy one.

Blog's content damn boring, or maybe the way he/she present the topic is freaking sien~
Hmmm~ I've read blogs about some personal life of whoever, and almost always, it gives me the same old mood - I felt sleepy after reading the first few lines. It lacked the interesting factor. It's like, a Beef Steak without sauce & sidelines. Tak ada oommp~ LOL!

Also, super/hyper short posts, for example:

Today, I sibeh boh syok (super no syok)!!!
Aiseh~ Like this, go Friendster post shoutout or use as MSN's personal message better. lol~

Blogs with music in the background that cannot be turned off.
You think everyone who visits your blog share your taste of music? lol~
Well even if yes, it's still disturbing. I don't mind pausing my playlist, but the loading time of your music is not really fast, and it goes like:
To the left, to the left... Mm....... mmm~ To the.................. Left, to the left... Ever....... rything you own's in..... The box to the l............ eft...
Freaking annoying right?! LOL~

That's all I can think of for now.
If you think my blog got problem, please let me know too.
We all learn from each other, anyway.
Most importantly, have a little fun in the process. Heh heh~
Off I go~


pinksterz said...

the first commenter again!
saw ur msn's status actually *cough*

blogs with musics are always a turn off for me. and those with sometimes small then turn big big writing then suddenly small(with much colours)

anyway, what about my blog? tell me your opinion! hehehe.

papajoneh said...

NOlah... Your blog ok one. but probably this one thing lah. Its hard to find where to find the post a comment. I have to read every word and trying to click each of them. I end at make some noise ;)
So Now I know. But probably some do not. Well, just for info. No harm done. and your blog is not boring. I come here silently ...coz i can't comment before... :D

Rabbit said...

Yaya agree with papajoneh. Kinda not easy to find ur comment box sometimes. Keke!

Aiyah, now that u say, my blog falls under #4 eh? Tsk tsk!

Aaron Chua said...

I changed my msn's personal message. lol~ Your blog is okay except there are widgets, quite tambahan one. Nothing else lor.

I edited the "make some noise!" lol~ Added something to it to make it longer and should be easier to find. Thanks!

Any special suggestion on my commenting-system? lol~
And no your Beef Steak got sidelines and full of sauce. Hahaha~ I don't feel sleepy while reading your blog.

Mischique said...

I hope you don't fall asleep reading MY blog..LOL

Yes I can't stand blogs with background music. It irks me and makes me want to hurl things at them.

CRIZ LAI said...

Aaron...you seriously want my comments ar?? So many wor. I scared later you pengsan...hahaha. Hmmmm...maybe i should write an article on how to beautify a blog...hehehe. Thanks for the tips :P

1. Just put the word "Comments" will make it easier for a lot of people to find. Until now, I still have a hard time finding it. Even if you want to put other wordings,make it more prominent as in CAPITALIZE the letters.

2. Do not use too many italics or colours on the wordings. I can hardly see who commented in your blog.

3.Have a pastel background with black text. People like Papajoneh, 5xmom, Ah Pek, etc might have a hard time reading your articles.

4. Too many single lines in your paragraph. Try grouping your points and make it into a paragraph. Justified it if you can. It's kind of messy when I first came in your blog.

5. Try going through your main page and scroll down fast. It looks like you are trying to create a Christmas tree by using letters. Not bad...can see lots of yellow and orange lights blinking as well :P

I guessed I better not say too much for the time being before you boycott my blog...hehehe. Anyway, this is just my personal views as I'm in advertising and certain things are taboos to us :P

CRIZ LAI said...

Another thing. Have some photos or graphics here. It's too dry reading so many jumbled up words :P

Benghan said...

maybe you should make your text 1 pt bigger ..

bevE said...

now u say i'm so self conscious !

my blog can be accused of 2, 3, 4, sometimes 5, definitely 6 depending on connection too =(

so annoying to read ka ?

kyliemc said...

haha...i start blogging coz my frens pester me 2 do so as we r so busy wif our life til hardly can find a time 2 meet up.at 1st it's bout personal stuff but now cant put too personal stuff ad :P

ur blog is ok..juz tht,lack of updates :P perhaps u can make ur fonts bigger coz i'm old ad.small font isnt good 4 my eyes.will make my eyes even smaller :P actually no..d real reason is i usually online n read blogs at wee hrs...ad quite sleepy n small font is really taxing my eyes

Jasonmumbles said...

So, mine is #4 lah! :P

Qiqi said...

=.= which category im in ?

Aaron Chua said...

Your blog is not that boring lah. Hahaha!

Thanks wor! I now know where's my problem. Hahaha! But man, I have a problem. I know too little about HTML. So I don't know how to fix! =,=
And yeah, I'm going to get a camera soon.

Yeah man, I think so too. I'll work on that.

So serious meh? LOL~

Uik~ Lacking updates eh? But I can't always just sit down and blog. My brain need rest also. Hahaha! And yeah, will work on the text size.

Yours #4? Yours okay lah~

Eh? LOL~ Ask yourself. =,= I'm only trying to help everyone improve in they blog. Heh heh~

babyfiona said...

aijo! Me falls under, 2, 3 & 4 ..


Nevermind, as i like hehehe and i tagged you for that!

vvens said...

i personally think that your blog does not have any problem ler.

i have the problem with, "nothing to blog about". hahaha. all i love is just to post pictures i took. ;p

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